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Cost of Vietnam visa 2024

Vietnam E-visa Fee 2024 If you apply directly on the official government e-visa website, the fee is $25 USD for a 5-7 day processing time. This fee is non-refundable If you would like to ensure a more guaranteed or timely delivery, you can apply on our website for an additional fee of 45 USD/person (Including Government Fee: 25USD Per Person). If your application is not processed on time or gets rejected, we will refund your fee in full. 1 Month Single Entry (Including Government Fee: 25USD Per Person) $ 45 Per Person EVISA: 4-6 working days (Mon-Fri) Guaranteed or Timely Delivery If your

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How much is a visa to Vietnam 2024?

VIETNAM E-VISA Currently, the most cost-effective method to obtain a visa for Vietnam is through the e-visa application process. The government fee for a 30-day, single-entry visa is currently $25 USD If you apply directly on the official government E-Visa website, the fee is $25 USD for processing within 5-7 working days. Please note that this fee is non-refundable. If you want to ensure a more guaranteed and timely delivery, you can apply on our website for an additional fee of 45 USD per person (Including Government Fee: 25USD Per Person: It is an actual visa issued electronically online by the

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How much does a Vietnam visa cost for Canada?

My husband and I wish to travel to Vietnam next month.  Do we need a visa to Vietnam? How much does a Vietnam visa cost for Canada?.   Thank you, Christine Topfer Dear Ms Christine Topfer, Thank you so much for contacting us. I am glad to assist you. 1. Yes, if you are holding Canada passport you need a visa to Vietnam. 2. You can see: Vietnam visa cost 2017

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Vietnam Business Visa Cost

Vietnam business visa cost instructions: Service fee and Stamping fee Vietnam business visa, which is categorized as DN, LV, DT is granted for passengers invited to Vietnam for business matters or trade purposes. A business visa can be a single or multiple entry with a maximum validity of 12 months.   All Businessman need visa to enter Vietnam. Nowadays, getting Visa on arrival  is quite easy and convenient. Businessman can easily apply for Vietnam visa  in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year for Vietnam single or multiple entry visa with business purpose. You should apply for Vietnam visa online as soon as

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Vietnam visa in Bangkok for Australia nationals

Dear Sir/Madam, I will be traveling over the land border from Laos to Vietnam in December this year, I am quite confused as to the method of applying for a visa for Vietnam. If i apply online what is the process on arrival in a vietnam land border? I have heard that obtaining one in bangkok is possible but the price of the AU embassy seems very expensive to those obtained abroad. I will be staying around 2 weeks in Vietnam before crossing, again via land border into Cambodia. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Kind Regards Laura Goodman

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Visa for 3 weeks to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Hi, We are going on a trip for 3 weeks to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. however we are not exactly sure what date we will be entering Vietnam. Since in the visa application a specific date is requested, i am wondering what happens if we enter Vietnam on a different date? is this a problem? hope to hear from you soon, Dear Marthew, No worries, you can put an earliest arrival date since you can arrive anytime later before the visa expires. However, we suggest that you wait until your travel plan is confirmed to apply for your visa because the process

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Application for visa Vietnam

My husband and I wish to travel to Vietnam by road from Cambodia in Six 2017.  As we are not arriving by air, we cannot apply for the ‘visa on arrival’ service.  We are UK citizens although we are resident in France.  Could you please let us know the most appropriate method for us to apply for Vietnam visas by post – either to UK or in France.   Thank you,   Hallam Dear Hallam, Since you are arriving Vietnam by land, you are required to obtain your Vietnam visa prior to your trip to Vietnam. Please find the link below for information

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Visa Vietnam for Russians

I am Russian nationality and I understand that I do not need visa to enter Vietnam if stay in Vietnam less than 15 days. However, I am planning to travel to Vietnam in December this year, and I will be crossing border and entering Vietnam by bus coming from Cambodia (via Bavet cross border point). Will it be OK for me to cross border and enter Vietnam at that customs point coming from Cambodia without any visa issue? Hi, No worries, there is no problem at all. You can enter Vietnam at any border gates without a visa (airport, borders or

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Get Vietnam Visa within 15 minutes

Hi, I am staying at Bangkok Airport. I didn’t prepare visa to Vietnam. I need rush Vietnam visa within 15 minutes. How to get Vietnam visa now? Clerk. Thank you for contacting us. I am glad to assist you. You can get Vietnam visa withing 15 minutes by choosing “Super Urgent (Saturday, Sunday, Holiday)“. This service is available any time, any where for last minutes check in when you are at the airport. Your Vietnam visa letter will be done in 15 minutes after your payment is made. You SHOULD call us at the hotline +84.1699.161.166 to inform this urgent visa

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Visa on arrival Cam Ranh International Airport

I am landing on the 24th this month from China Guanzhou to Cam Ranh Internation Aiport in Nha Trang City. I would like to know if I can get Visa on Arrival at this airport after getting the visa approval letter? There are many websites which I went through most of them doesn’t properly specify the information. I am not even able to get to the official government website of the Vietnam visa immigration visa on arrival in English. Kindly help? Hi, We would like to inform you that today you can get visa on arrival at Cam Ranh International Airport.

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