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Visa at Vietnam Embassy

My name is Alexander Behre and i am a German citizen. My journey starts in 3 days. Before i want to visit vietnam in the beginning of November i am in Spain for awhile. My question is: Is it possible for me to get a visa in the Vietnam Embassy in Madrid as a German citizen? If it is possible, can you tell me how long it works? So i can schedule how long i have to stay in Madrid? Thank you very much vor your help! I hope you understand my Problem… Bye Alex Dear Alexander Behre, Thank you for contacting us! Please be answered your questions

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Apply visa online & get visa at Vietnam Embassy

Dear Ms Tran Thank you for your update.  I have noted that South Korean nationality is exempted from visa requirement for entry into Vietnam and will inform her accordingly. Meanwhile, please advise when will I receive approval code letter as I would like to get them as soon as possible in order to submit my visa application to the Embassy of Vietnam in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you and I look forward to your response. Best wishes Li Pheng Dear Li Pheng, We are glad to hear that you are well-noted all information! You can receive your Approval Code Letter within 2

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Visa for UK citizens across a land border of Vietnam

Hello, I am traveling around South East Asia and would like to visit Vietnam. I have looked for information regarding visas and note that you can apply for a visa on arrival, the information then says that you collect the visa when you arrive at an airport. Can you please advise how to apply for and collect a visa on arrival when traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam. Dear Sir/Madam, Since you travel into Vietnam by land, you are required to obtain a visa prior to your trip. We suggest that you get your visa in SEA (South East Asia) countries

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Arriving by train/bus from cambodia need a Vietnam Visa?

I know i need visa to go to Thailand.. but i have only been able to find the visa if you are arriving by air… i will be traveling on bus and/or train from Thailand to Cambodia and finaly Vietnam.. DOES SOME KNOW IF I CAN GET THE TOURIST VISA IN THE BORDER IN CAMBODIA? Thanks a lot! Zhema Rad Dear Zhema Rad, You have to visit a Vietnam embassy to get your visa in this case. However, if you would like to get your visa faster and avoid hassle, you can also get a pre-approval letter online, bring this letter to the

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If I take a cruise to Vietnam

My wife and I (both Canadian citizens) are taking a cruise with stops in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. Can we get a visa on arrival at the ports in these cities, or are the ships cleared summarily. Please explain the procedure at the ports and what we have to do. Thank you very much in advance. NANDHAKUMAR Dear NANDHAKUMAR, Since there is no visa-on-arrival at Vietnam seaports, you are required to obtain your visa at Vietnamese embassy in Canada in prior of your trip below: Please check our websites below for information on embassies to get your visa

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Vietnam visa on arrival for Australian entering Vietnam on bus.

Hi, I am an Australian citizen travelling on an Australian passport. I will be visiting Vietnam in October 2012. My plan is to fly to Bangkok Thailand from Melbourne Australia. I will travel by bus from Bangkok to Pnomh Penh and then by bus from Pnomh Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. I plan to stay in Vietnam 14 days before returning to Bangkok. Can you help me obtain this visa or do I need to apply directly to the Vietnam Embassy in Australia? Thank you and Regards, Garry Chadwick. Dear Mr Garry Chadwick, Thank you for your email! If you

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Visa-On-Arrival Kep-Ha Tien

Hi, Is it possible to get a visa-on-arrival when you are crossing the border from Cambodia into Vietnam at the border cross Kep-Ha Tien? Would appretiate a quick answer. Thanks in advance! Kind regards Christoffer Dear Christoffer, Warmest greetings from VietnamSvisa.com! Please be confirmed you that visa on arrival is not accepted at any boder crossing. If you arrive Vietnam by air, you can use our service with visa on arrival. If you arrive Vietnam by border crossing, please apply visa at Vietnam Embassies/Consulates available in your country to help you obtain visa before entering to Vietnam. For more information, please kindly

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Re-entry by land?

Dear Sirs, As I understood, arrival BY AIR  is required for the first-time entry to Vietnam even if I apply for and obtain  a multiple-entry visa . My question: If I cross the border to Cambodia and stay there for a few days, is it possible to re-enter Vietnam BY LAND within the multiple-entry visa validity? Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Francisco Veiga PORTUGAL Dear Francisco Veiga, Warmest greetings from Vietnamsvisa.com! In this case, you only need to apply visa on arrival to arrive in Vietnam by air (one month multiple entry). After enter Vietnam successfully, you can

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