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Visa for 3 weeks to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

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Visa for 3 weeks to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia


We are going on a trip for 3 weeks to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. however we are not exactly sure what date we will be entering Vietnam. Since in the visa application a specific date is requested, i am wondering what happens if we enter Vietnam on a different date? is this a problem? hope to hear from you soon,

Dear Marthew,

No worries, you can put an earliest arrival date since you can arrive anytime later before the visa expires. However, we suggest that you wait until your travel plan is confirmed to apply for your visa because the process of getting a visa to Vietnam is quick, it takes no more than 2 working days for an approval letter to be issued.

Please also be advised that visa on arrival is available for air travel only.

Have a good day.


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