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The best way is to complete your payment as soon as possible after you send us your application. This will help us track & process visa for you in time with reasonable price. Normally, payment will be higher if you apply visa & travel on weekend due to Vietnam Immigration Department is limited to work on Saturday & Sunday. Hence, please apply as soon as possible before your date of arrival will be fine for your trip & save you much money.


If you’re having trouble processing a payment:

You don’t need apply again.

Please follow this link: Make a your to make payment again.

If you’re still having trouble, you can message us on WhatsApp at +84399161166 or contact us via email at (we’ll do our best to respond within 1 hour) for help with a specific transaction.


We offer options of payment:

Option 1: Credit Cards

Visa, Master Cards, American Express, JCB, Diners Club will be accepted via the most reliable parties: Paypal or OnePay depending on your choice. By this way, your credit card information will never be revealed to us. After your application online, you will be redirected to review your application & payment gate. Fill all necessary information & click on submit payment.

By Paypal

Paypal is the world’s most love way to pay & be paid. Some limitations is that you shoud create a Paypal account before making a payment. If not, Paypal will reject your payment without any specific reasons. By signing up an account in Paypal & connecting your card, you can pay easily & securely for our service.

By OnePay

OnePay is the most preferred payment method available in Vietnam. You can pay by your card without creating any account before paying.

In case you lose your payment track after application.
Please use Make a Payment in order to pay for your last application. You will need input Order ID, EMAIL in this form (you can find in our automatic email send to your mailbox after your online application form is submitted successfully).

Option 2: Western Union or Bank Transfer

You can pay by Western Union or Bank Transfer which is very fast, convenient and safe. Please note that you are required to pay the transfer fee.

Please note that you are required to pay the transfer fee.

A confirmation email will be sent to you right after your payment to let you know that your payment has been gone through as well as your visa is being processed accordingly.

Vietnam visa cancellation & refund policy

Should there is any mistake in your Vietnam Visa Approval Letter made from us that have caused your inconvenience, we’ll be happy to refund visa fee to you or to process another free of charge as long as you notify us before 03 business days prior to the actual date of departure, by email, phone.

Need help? Customer care consultants are standing by.

Hotline/Zalo/WhatsApp: +84399161166

Support email:

You can also email to
and Our Customer support will reply within 1 hours during office hours and within 2-4 hours outside of office hours.

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