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What is the cost of a Vietnam visa?

Depending on how you choose to apply and the kind of visa you want to get, the price of a Vietnam visa may change. A summary of the Vietnam visa application fee, if you apply through us, is provided here.

Vietnam visa fees vary depending on visa type, processing time, and number of applicants.

The Cost of Vietnam E-VISA:​

The Cost of Vietnam Visa on Arrival:

Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival involves paying two distinct fees:

1. Service Fee (Visa Approval Letter Fee/Application Fee):

This fee is paid online at the time of application. It covers the processing of your application, issuance of your visa approval letter, and delivery of the letter to your email address. You essentially pay for the administrative work involved in getting your visa pre-approved before arrival.

2. Stamping Fee:

This fee is paid in cash directly at the airport upon arrival. It covers the actual stamping of your visa onto your passport, marking your official entry into Vietnam. This fee finalizes the visa process and grants you entry into the country.

It’s important to understand the difference between these two fees and plan accordingly. The service fee is payable online in advance, while the stamping fee requires cash upon arrival.

Additional Information About the Costs:

Navigating Vietnam Visa on Arrival Costs: A Guide to Fees and Payment

Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival involves two key costs: the service fee and the stamping fee. Understanding these fees and how they work is crucial for a smooth arrival experience.

1. Service Fee: Customizable to Your Needs ​

The service fee covers the processing of your visa application, issuance of your approval letter, and delivery to your inbox. This fee is flexible, depending on:

  • Visa Type: Single-entry or multiple-entry visas will incur different fees.​
  • Processing Time: Opting for faster processing typically incurs a higher service fee.

2. Stamping Fee: Fixed and Cash-Based​

The Vietnam Ministry of Finance sets the stamping fee, which you pay directly at the airport upon arrival. This fee is fixed and non-negotiable.

Important Reminders:

  • Cash Only: No credit cards are accepted for the stamping fee.
  • USD Preferred: While other currencies like VND and AUD are accepted, carrying USD is highly recommended to avoid unfavourable exchange rates.
  • Exact Amount: Prepare the exact amount of the stamping fee in cash to avoid delays at the airport.
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