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My name is Alexander Behre and i am a German citizen. My journey starts in 3 days.
Before i want to visit vietnam in the beginning of November i am in Spain for awhile.
My question is:
Is it possible for me to get a visa in the Vietnam Embassy in Madrid as a German citizen?
If it is possible, can you tell me how long it works?
So i can schedule how long i have to stay in Madrid?
Thank you very much vor your help!
I hope you understand my Problem…
Bye Alex

Dear Alexander Behre,
Thank you for contacting us!
Please be answered your questions as follows:
If you are German passport holders, you will exempt 15 days to visit Vietnam. If you stay in Vietnam more than 15 day you have two easy options to apply a Visa to Vietnam:
1. You can apply visa online & get the Approval Letter then stamping your visa at Vietnam Airport easily. (Instead of coming to Vietnam Embassy).
2. You can get visa at Vietnam Embassy in Madrid. For sure, please apply at least 15 days before your trip to Vietnam.
For more support, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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