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Visa to Vietnam Tet Holiday

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Visa to Vietnam Tet Holiday

Hello VietnamSVisa!
Our names are David and Ria, from France. We’re travelling to Vietnam for the Tet, landing in Hanoi on the 10th at 15:00.
We just applied for an Approval Letter for Landing VISA in Hanoi on your website, and paid straight away.
I know the Tet is going on right now and therefore the Immigration Department is probably disrupted.
But I still hope that with your help we would be able to get the Approval Letter before the 10th at 13:00, when we board our flight to Hanoi.
If you think – or know – that it won’t be possible, please contact me on this email as soon as possible! I’m waiting behind the computer for your answer..
Thank you very very much!
David & Ria

Dear Mr David,
Thank you for your prompt reply!
Please be informed you that we have received your payment & send a approval letter to you tomorrow!
Please kindly check your email to receive your approval letter soon.

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