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Tourist Visa

Vietnam Tourist Visa is one of the most popular visas offered by Vietnam. The most convenient and cost-saving way to obtain a tourist visa is to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.
This visa is usually valid for 30 days allowing tourists to apply for either single or multiple entries Visa, depending on their visit. The tourist visa can also be extended for one month, after tourists spend 30 days in Vietnam. You can even get 3 months tourist visa which can consist of either single entry visa or multiple entry visa. The multiple entry visas is for those, who wish to travel to the neighboring countries of Vietnam like China, Cambodia etc. and want to return back to Vietnam within the approved Visa period.
Information required to apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa
To apply for a Vietnamese Tourist Visa, you must ensure you’ve following information in advance:
– Name on Passport – Please make sure you’ve your full name mentioned in your passport; regardless of the order of first name and surname.
– Date-of-Birth – Keep in mind that the date format on Vietnam Visa Application form is DD/MM/YYYY.
– Nationality on Passport – Make sure you declare your correct nationality mentioned on your passport.
– Passport Number – Declare correct passport number as provided on your passport.
– Passport Validity – Your passport must have at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Vietnam.

How to apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa?
We at Vietnamsvisa, have made the process of getting a Vietnam visa-on-arrival as easier as saying 1-2-3. All you need to do is: fill in the application form with correct details of your name, arrival date, passport number and a payment method. Your processing will start as soon as you submit the application form and the payment. Your approval letter will arrive after 2 working days for general visa and 2-8 hours in case of an urgent visa.
To get you Visa approved at Vietnam Customs desk at all 3 international airports, you should bring in:
– A print-out of Visa Approval Letter.
– A passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of arrival.
– Passport should have 2 blank pages to accommodate visa seals or stickers.
– Visa stamping fee to be paid at the airport [US $25 – for 1 month/3 months single entry, US $50 for 1 month multiple entry/ 3 months multiple entry]
2 recent passport size (4cm x 6cm) photographs
– A filled Entry & Exit Form (On Arrival Form)
When you will arrive at the Vietnam airport, you will present the printed approval letter, your photos and pay the stamping fee. You may also need to fill in a simple Entry & Exit form, after which you will be granted your tourist visa.
VIETNAMSVISA offers you information, advice and visa on arrival approval letter. We provide our customers with good prices and services which are reliable and do not include any hidden charges. We feel pride in helping our customers and in answering any queries they have. We provide our customers with the help they need, which saves them from process hassle and reduces the time it takes to fulfill the requirements, for a Vietnam tourist visa. Through our help all you need to do is, spend just a few minutes on the computer and all your work will be done by us.

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