Vietnam granted one year multiple entry Visa for US Citizens

Find out about Vietnam granted required one year multiple entry visa for us citizen. Only one year multiple entry visa is valid for United States since August 30th, 2016

1-year visa in short:

Year of presentation:

August 2016
1-year visa qualification:

US visa holders just (Not relevant to green card holders).
Most extreme stay:

90 days for every section
The most effective method to apply:

At Vietnam government office in the US
Visa on appearance

Legitimate identification (Least 1 year)
Identification estimated photographs
Who is qualified?
With the exception of Green card holders or Legitimate super durable occupants (LPRs) who are lawfully allowed to live in the US for all time yet are not US residents, the wide range of various US identification holders are qualified to enroll for a 1-year visa to Vietnam.

To get a 1-year visa, the accompanying necessities should be met:

Having a visa with no less than 1 year of legitimacy.
Having an organization/association/office in Vietnam to ensure the visa application and section motivations behind voyaging or business.
Having an itinerary in Vietnam.

Since August 30th 2016, Vietnam Government has issued the only one type of visa for American: one year multiple visa. This is based on the successful commitment of the U.S. and Vietnam to improve the bilateral relationship by expanding trade and economic opportunities and developing people-to-people links.
All US passport holders will be issued for 1 year multiple entry Visa. Only one type of Visa is valid for citizens of America now, that is 1 year multiple entry visa. For any other types of visa – from 1 month or 3 months are not available now.
* Further Important remarks:
– US citizens only.
– Purpose of Visit can be Tourist or Business
– Only 1 year multiple entries visa is valid now for US citizens. Other types of Vietnam Visa – 1 month single and multiple entries, 3 months single and multiple entries, 6 months multiple entries is NO more valid.
– 1 year multiple entries visa, for 1 visit, you can stay maximum for 3 months. After 3 months, you must exit and come back again with a new 3 months of staying, until the expiry date of your 1 year Visa.
– You can stay up to 3 months for each visit to Vietnam. After each three months, if you would like to stay more, you are required exit and come back again by air or by land then you will have another three months of staying and so on until your visa is expired.
– Stamping fee collected excluding service fee for a Visa Approval Letter at the Vietnam airport for US citizens is 135.00 USD.

U.S residents are qualified to apply for a 1-year different passage visa with a most extreme stay of 90 days for every section.

As of now, Vietnam identification holders are permitted to apply for a US 1-year numerous passage visa, and US visa holders are likewise permitted to apply for a Vietnam 1-year various section visa. This choice has happened since August 2016 and carries numerous comforts to residents of the two nations.

In view of requirements, outsiders who regularly venture out to and from to Vietnam for get-away, voyaging or carrying on with work exercises in no less than a year are energetically suggested for this kind of visa.

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