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Diplomatic Visa

The Diplomatic Visa is for the members of a delegation, to visit Vietnam at the invitation permitted by the Vietnamese ministries or other high ranked government officials. The diplomatic visa also permitted for the consulate personnel in Vietnam. People who go for the work with consulate members or visit them for a short period are the legal applicant of the diplomatic visa.
There are no fee charges for the diplomatic visa requirements unless it has been decided by the Vietnamese embassy and the applicant’s home country. To apply for the Vietnam diplomatic visa, the applicant has to submit an official letter from the local government agency, consulates or foreign embassies, to the concerned agencies in the applicant’s home country.
In order to get the diplomatic visa, the applicant needs to contact the Vietnamese counselor and request for a letter of entry clearance from the ministry of foreign affairs, Vietnam. The applicant has to provide a few details, for example, full name, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number and type, its date of issue and expiration date. Moreover, the applicant also needs to provide the expected date of entry and exit from Vietnam as well as the intention of the visit to Vietnam and the number of entry/entries required. After this the applicant should fill the application form and paste the passport size photo on it. And send the embassy visa form, original passport, a photo, return envelope, the fee, the copy of letter of entry clearance and an official letter/verbal letter to the concerned office of the home country’s government.
The tour to Vietnam would be easier for you if the letter of clearance is received by the embassies and other government agencies. We would take your information and work on the procedure for you and this would enable you to receive your clearance letter without extra efforts. We would absorb all the work that you have to do, if you were applying independently. And make sure you are freed from all the efforts regarding your visa application.

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