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What is the “approval letter”?

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What is the “approval letter”?

PRIVATE visa approval letter” is the documentary evidence that your visa has been approved by the Immigration Authorities. By showing the approval letter to the Immigration Officer at the Vietnam International Airports (Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh city airport, Da Nang Airport), you can pick up your Visa on Arrival.

The immigration Authorities at the check points of the airport will verify your approval letter. If you entered your details correctly during application procedure then you are rest assured to get your Visa on arrival. However we strongly recommended to read the instruction on our websites well to avoid any unnecessary hassles at Vietnam airport.

Visa-on-Arrival Counters:

Hanoi Airport Map – Visa on Arrival Counter at Hanoi Airport.

Ho Chi Minh city airport map – Visa-on-arrival counter at Ho Chi Minh city airport

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