Understanding Important Vietnam Visa Requirements

Many international tourists consider Vietnam as one of the most beautiful countries in Vietnam. Each year tourists from various parts of the world visit Vietnam to explore the scenic beauty and distinct culture of the mostly agrarian country. But each tourist must have a valid passport and visa to holiday in Vietnam without any hassle. A visitor has option to apply for different types of Vietnam visas based on the duration and purpose of his trip. Also, he can apply for the visa through both conventional and online options. But it is important for each visitor to understand key Vietnam visa requirements.

Overview of Important Rules Related to Vietnam Visa Application

Type of Visa: Each visitor can apply for two distinct type of visa to Vietnam – single entry point visa and multiple entry point visa. The single entry point visa will allow the tourist to explore the scenic beauty and popular tourist destinations in Vietnam exclusively. On the other hand, a multiple entry pint visa will enable the visitor to explore Vietnam along with Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Hence, each tourist needs to decide the type of visa based on his holiday plan.

Visa Application Form: While applying for visa to Vietnam, the visitor is required to obtain, complete and submit the relevant visa application form. After completing the visa application form, he needs to attach a two inch by two inch pictures to it. However, if the tourist is applying for visa on arrival he is not required to attach any picture to the application form. He has option to get his picture captured at immigration. Also, he must possess a valid passport while applying for Vietnam visa.

Valid Passport: While applying for visa to Vietnam, the visitor must possess a valid passport. He must check his passport and ensure that it is valid for at least one month after the exit date. If his passport is about to expire, the tourist must get it renewed before applying for Vietnam visa. The valid passport will make it easier for the visitor to obtain Vietnam visa and explore the country without any hassle.

Visa Fees: While submitting the completed visa application form and required documents, the visitor needs to deposit visa fee. Normally, the visa fee varies based on the nationality of the applicant and the length of his stay. A tourist also has option to get his visa application processed faster by paying a higher fee. However, he has to incur additional expenses to obtain visa on arrival through a visa service provider.

Validity of the Visa: A tourist visa to Vietnam is valid for 30 days. But the visitor has option to get the tourist visa extended by complying with the required rules and procedure. Each tourist can further apply for Vietnam visa up to 6 months prior to his scheduled date of arrival. Many visitors prefer entering Vietnam on tourist visa, and then apply for the visa required to study or conduct business.

However, the Vietnam visa requirements keep changing from time to time. Hence, a visitor must check the government website to understand the current rules related to visa to Vietnam. Likewise, he can also read the instructions posted on the website of online visa processing service provider to understand the most convenient way to obtain visa on arrival.

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