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Hoi An From Vietnam Declared As Best Destination For Solo Travelers

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Hoi An From Vietnam Declared As Best Destination For Solo Travelers

The UNESCO world heritage site and the tranquil town of Hoi An is a top draw for solo travelers across the world according to the U.K based travel site, Momondo.

The site has made a list of top ten exciting and fun destinations for solo travelers and it features Hoi An at the second spot with Thimpu from Bhutan, Dublin from Ireland and Toronto from Canada as other top destinations.

The list was compiled after taking into consideration factors such as flight fare, offers on hotels, rates for hiking cars and holiday packages for travelers.

Hoi An’s inclusion in this list doesn’t come as a surprise as this traditional and serene town is already receiving several accolades. Rough Guides, a U.K. based travel publisher listed Hoi An among top 10 destinations in Southeast Asia while readers of New York-based Travel + Leisure voted it among 15 best destinations across the world.

What makes Hoi An So Popular?

Nestled around the central coast, Hoi An features an iconic beach which is also home to several fishing villages. Away from the chaos, this beach offers plenty of solace and calmness.

Hoi An Beach Hoi An Beach

Hence, this beach is famous among couples who wish to spend quality time and some quiet moments with each other.

However, Hoi An’s biggest attraction is its collection of 16th-century houses. Featuring yellow homes and the classic old red-tiled roofs, the scenic beauty of these structures creates an enthralling experience. The street-side cafes, winding alleyways, and canals complete the setting to rewind the clock.

Hoi An's yellow homes and the classic old red-tiled roofs Hoi An’s yellow homes and the classic old red-tiled roofs

Interestingly, motorbikes are not allowed to enter the town center so the only way to gaze these structures is by walking or cycling.

This aloofness and calmness distinguish Hoi An from Ho Chi Minh and Hano, Vietnam’s two biggest cities which are famous for their husting and bustling and chaotic city culture. Hoi An has a slow-paced life which is ideal for travelers who wish to enjoy the beauty of the city at their own pace and one sip at a time.

A cuisine Culture Impossible To Miss Out On

Apart from the architecture and scenic beauty, there is plenty in Hoi An that attracts travelers. The food scene of this place reflects its glorious culture and distinctive identity.

This region was under the influence of Japan, Portugal and China in the historic times and this influence can still be found in its cuisine.

Cao lầu is the signature dish of Hoi An and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Cao lầu is a dark pork broth served with fat yellow noodles along with slices of well-cooked juicy pork. Green vegetables, bean sprouts, and croutons are also served with this dish.

Cao lầu

What makes Cao lầu one-of-its-kind is the fact that these noodles must be prepared using the water from the Cham wells that are hidden throughout Hoi An.

An Emerging Global Tourist Attraction

In the recent years, Hoi An has emerged as one of the leading traveling destinations across the world as tourists have slowly discovered its beauty.

The place is an ideal getaway from the stressful modern lifestyle and it allows travelers to find solace. Walking through these 16th-century structures or sipping some coffee at the classic street-side cafes gives an enthralling feeling unmatched by anything.

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Posted on 12 Jul, 2018

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