Apply Vietnam Visa & Pay Fee on Saturday

I sent you a visa application and paid $26 to have it processed in one working day. I sent in the request on Saturday. I am travelling to Vietnam on Wednesday.
Please can you tell me when I will receive the letter of introduction as I need to print it off.
Thank you
Mark Mahoney

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Dear Mr Mark Mahoney,
Thank you for your email!
Due to Vietnam Immigration is off work on weekend, all the urgent application will be left to Monday to process. You can receive your Approval Letter on today’s afternoon at 5.30 pm (Vietnam Time).
If you would like to get your visa Saturday, higher processing fee will be applied. However, if your flight is not urgent & you can wait to Monday, we suggest you to choose this way.
For more help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Wed Nov 29 2023, 14:26:53 (GMT+7)


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