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5 reasons why getting a visa to Vietnam is easier than any other countries

Vietnam is keen to invite tourists and businessmen to the country and therefore have made the Visa obtaining procedure extremely simple. Getting a Visa to Vietnam is easier than getting a Visa to any other country at the moment and here’s why.
1. Quick
Obtaining a Vietnam Visa is quicker than getting your flight booked. Yes this is true! It hardly takes a couple of days to get your Vietnam Visa approved if you are using the Normal Online Visa Application Service. With the Urgent and Super Urgent Visa Services, the processing times are reduced to just a few hours.
2. Simple
Taking about simplicity, the process gets as simple as filling out a brief application form online. You won’t be asked for your passport nor will you need to submit an income report. There are no family background checks or any need to submit a business proposal. There is also no requirement to submit any papers from the Vietnam representative’s office or your Vietnamese partners.
3. Hassle-free
Visa procedures for many other countries require you to submit detailed travel plans including the place where you plan to stay, In some cases you also you are also required to show the return ticket to the immigration authorities. Vietnam Immigration authorities won’t require you to submit any of these documents.
4. Peace of mind
If you’ve filed your application meeting all the simple requirements you are almost assured to get your Visa approved. 99% of the times your application will be approved unless there is you’ve seriously violated any Immigration law or policy.
5. Cheap
Compared to other countries, the application processing fee for Vietnam Visa is much more affordable. The fee ranges from just $10 to $80.

Such ease and convenience has certainly played a great part in attracting many tourists and business men to Vietnam.


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