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7 Best Things to do in Vietnam in 2019

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7 Best Things to do in Vietnam in 2019

In June 2018, Vietnam unveiled the golden bridge. In addition to being one of the most striking pedestrian bridges in the world, the golden bridge also features in Time Magazine’s list of top 100 greatest places in the world for 2018.

If you are planning to holiday in Vietnam, you must not forget to observe the unique design and architecture of the pedestrian bridge located in the central coastal city of Da Nan. However, you also have the option to make the vacation exciting by doing a number of things in Vietnam.

7 Exciting Things You Must Do While Holidaying in Vietnam 

  1. Take a Food Tour in Hanoi

In addition to being a big city, Hanoi is popular for some of the most popular delicacies in Vietnam. While exploring Hanoi, you must not forget to take a food tour. The food tour will help you to relish some a variety of Vietnamese cuisines and dishes without spending a lot of money. You will also love the experience by exploring many restaurants in the city and enjoying tasty meals.

  1. Surf with Wind and Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Along with being a popular fishing destination in Vietnam, Mui Ne is also famous for its beautiful sand dunes. Many international tourists love to explore the sand dunes along with indulging in fishing. You can make the holiday adventurous by exploring the sand dunes while kite surfing in Mui Ne.

  1. Explore World’s Largest Cave

While holidaying in Vietnam, many international tourists visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park to explore world’s largest cave – Hang Son Doong. Many tourists even make their vacations memorable by sleeping in Hang Son Doong. You can avail assistance of a local guide to enter into the largest cave and experience its vastness.

  1. Take a Mud-Bath in the Dark Cave

The Dark Cave is located near Hang Son Doong. You need to wear a helmet and carry a light while entering the Dark Cave. Also, you can enter the cave as part of a small group. After covering the Dark Cave, you can indulge in a mud bath.

  1. Experience Vietnam’s Distinct Culture

You can make the trip memorable by experiencing the cultural and architectural heritage of Vietnam. You must spend some time in the city of Hanoi to observe many beautiful temples and historical ruins. Also, you can visit the Mausoleum to see the dead body of Ho Chi Minh in person.

  1. Explore the Pagodas

You must experience the Buddhist heritage of Vietnam by visiting many pagodas. You will find pagodas in various parts of the country. Many people still use pagodas as shrines. Many international tourists visit Ninh Binh province to observe the distinct architecture of Bai Dinh Pagoda – the largest pagoda in the country –

  1. Stay with a Local Family

You can always consider staying with a local family to experience the distinct culture, lifestyle, and customs of the Vietnamese people. The stay will enable you to mingle with local people. You will also love the experience on visiting the rice fields located in the mountain and observing the scenic beauty of Vietnamese villages.

While holidaying in Vietnam in 2019, you have the option to visit many popular tourist destinations and indulge in a variety of exciting activities. However, you must decide the places to see and things to do in Vietnam based on personal choices and preferences your family members.

Posted on 13 Feb, 2019

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