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I want to ask something else, how can I?

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I want to ask something else, how can I?

For questions such as: who is exempted from a visa, or obtaining Vietnamese visa in Laos, Cambodia or Thailand..etc, please visit our visa information center. Alternatively, you can CALL US :

Hanoi, Vietnam office at +84.1699.161.166 or +84.981.639.686 (Vietnam time GMT +7)

You can also email us at – one of our Customer Support members will reply within 2 hours during business day and within 24 hours outside of office hours.

Notes: Though our working hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, the website service is available 24/18 and is systematically automated. Therefore, you can still apply for a visa even when it is midnight in Vietnam.

Local time in Vietnam: please check this page for the current time in Vietnam.

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