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Why Vietnam is an ideal travel destination?

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Why Vietnam is an ideal travel destination?

Vietnam was a lesser known country, but since a few years it has attained its position for being one of the most travelled destinations and has become tourist’s favourite place to spend their holidays. Apart from the convenience of getting the visa on arrival in this country, Let us give you a few reasons as to why Vietnam should be your next planned trip.

  1. The Natural Beauty

Natural beauty of Vietnam

Vietnam is simply gorgeous. It almost has all sorts of natural scenery all within one country.  The beautiful mountain ranges are grounded by lush green forests and footed by pristine lakes and widely spread paddy fields. The limestone towers and cliffs amongst the enormous Ha Long Bay are the number one sights for tourists. Vietnam is also the epitome of the largest natural caves in the world in Dong Hoi and some striking national parks such as Cuc Phuong around the town of Ninh Binh. The high grounds around Da Lat are occupied by forests, natural rock slides, beaches, waterfalls and lakes along the coast are some of the most excellent in the world. Vietnam’s island of Phu Quoc shelters many monkeys and other animals.

  1. The culture

Vietnam Culture

The Vietnamese culture is very much still breathing and well regardless of the bustling tourist business. The street side, quaint cafes, home-brewed beers, food stalls, and drinking spots can be seen all around the cities and amongst the countryside. The countryside is still buoyant with hardworking farmers; bison led gear and modest homes which remind people of the spine behind the flashy cities. The French occupation has also left its smear as well on the people and the towns. You can see the European architecture, the plentiful café culture and have a sip of the traditional Vietnamese coffee and tea very frequently.

  1. The sumptuous food

vietnam The sumptuous food

Vietnamese cuisine is admired all over the world so why not come to try and relish your taste buds. Women somehow whisk up delicious meals out of the stuffing of a single bag on the side of the road, and little street stalls fill the alleyways presenting up papaya salads and fashionable meat and noodle soup, Pho. Fried and delicious spring rolls are served up at the markets, and the amount of mouth-watering dipping sauces can make your head whirl. Try the massive seafood filled pancakes, the grilled corn on the cob or the balmy banana cake dipped in milk sauce.

  1. The affordability

Travelling to Vietnam will elongate your money farther and wider and will permit you to have a more pleasurable trip. Hostel and hotel rooms will cost you not more than $5 a night, and their brewed beer will only cost you a couple of cents. Each fully fledged meal can be eaten for under $2, and a lovely meal for two people can cost you round about $10. Food, stay, transportation, activities and souvenirs, they all finish up costing less in one week than you would use up in a day in some other countries. A tourist can travel to Vietnam without burning a hole in your wallet.

  1. The people

vietnam people

The citizens of Vietnam are some of the sweetest and friendly people you will find around Asia. You will always be greeted with smiles, gratitude and the occasional unexpected hellos. Everyone seems willing to propose help, especially to travelers and tourists. Queries will get answered speedily and people will seem to go out of their way for you in order to help you out. Try dropping your groceries; it’s definite that someone will help you pick them up. You will definitely find a home away from home here.

  1. The travel-friendly setup

vietnam travel-friendly setup

Sometimes Vietnam looks like it was prepared for travelers and tourists. With rising dependence on the tourism industry for their economy, the Vietnamese have put up the country to be as travel-friendly as possible. English is broadly spoken in the cities and around the well-known sites and restaurants in touristy places almost always have English menus. Stay in a hotel or a hostel and you will be given the choices and resources to rent transportation, reserve sightseeing tours and get directions and recommendations for great places to eat.

  1. The activities

vietnam travel activities

Besides the attractive sites and cuisine, there is sufficient to do within Vietnam so you will never get bored of this place. Go hiking and shopping in local villages when you visit Sapa. Kayak, swim, snorkel, and tube in between beach lounging while in Ha Long Bay or go deep into the caves of Dong Hoi. Scuba diving and windsurfing are all feasible options when you go to the beach towns of Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. Canyoning and motorbike tours are also quite popular among in the highlands. You can also enjoy the city life and listen to live music, witness traditional dance or learn the language. There are never-ending activities for everyone’s different tastes.

A trip to Vietnam should be a must have in your travel book.

Posted on 28 Nov, 2018

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