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The Golden Bridge: The Coolest New Tourist Attraction in Vietnam

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The Golden Bridge: The Coolest New Tourist Attraction in Vietnam

In June, Vietnam unveiled one of the world’s most striking pedestrian bridges – the golden bridge. The pedestrian bridge located in the central coastal city of Da Nan has been attracting thousands of locals and tourists since its inauguration. Moreover, the Golden Bridge has been placed in Time Magazine’s top 100 World’s Greatest Places list for 2018.

The huge popularity of the new pedestrian bridge can also be determined from the fact that the Indian Government recently announced its plan to attract and impress tourists by building a Vietnam-like colossal “Golden Bridge”. The Golden Bridge was conceptualized and designed by a company located in Ho Chi Minh City – TA Landscape Architecture.

What makes Vietnam’s Golden Bridge different from other pedestrian bridge is its unique design and architecture. The 150-meters long and five-meters wide pedestrian bridge appears as if being held by two giant stone hands. The hands are constructed using fiberglass and wire mesh. The architectures have positioned the fiberglass and wire mesh around steel supports. Also, they make the hands appear like aged stone ruins by decorating them with moss and cracks.

The Golden Bridge further connects two cable-car stations. Many tourists describe the experience of walking on the Golden Bridge as unique. They feel like walking on clouds while exploring the novel piece of architecture. Within a short span of time, the Golden Bridge has become a popular and cool tourist attraction in Vietnam. Its distinct architecture will further keep attracting and impressing tourists over a longer period of time.

The Vietnamese Government has been taking a slew of initiatives to attract international tourist and promote the tourism industry. In addition to allowing UK passport holders to visit Vietnam without a visa, the government has been making visa policy traveler-friendly.  Vietnam’s leading online tourist visa provider VietnamsVisa further makes it easier for international tourists to visit Vietnam without making multiple trips to local Vietnam embassies. The new Golden Bridge will definitely contribute towards boosting the tourism sector in Vietnam.

Posted on 28 Aug, 2018

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