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Scrumptious food & Drinks of Vietnam

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Scrumptious food & Drinks of Vietnam

For being a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam is particularly known for its beaches, rivers, busy cities, Buddhist pagodas and the main thing is the scrumptious and delicious food offered in the beautiful atmosphere.


Generally, Thai food is known as the most famous of all the cuisines of Southeast Asia, but real food lover would prefer to go Vietnam every time. The flavor of Vietnamese food is mouthwatering because it is subtle and light with a huge variety of delicious dishes. The best part of Vietnamese dishes is that they are steamed and boiled. A huge amount of importance is given to seasoning and herbs in these dishes.

The essential element of Vietnamese food is rice mixed with noodles. This meal serves as a snack or sometimes served as a common substitute for breakfast. Usually, the rice is supplemented by a dish containing meat or fish. Sometime rice is also accompanied with soup and vegetable dishes. Coriander, shallots and lemon grass are normally used as flavorings. Other flavorings that strongly influence the Vietnam dishes are mint, ginger, saffron, anise and coconut milk that give the southern dishes with a unique richness in flavor.

Vietnamese foods are not extra spicy. Instead, they separately serve fresh chilies and chili sauces according to individual taste. The most popular seasoning of Vietnam’s dishes is the ubiquitous nuoc mam that is a nutrient filled sauce which is either used in different dipping sauce base or added during cooking.

Spring rolls are known as the most popular food of Vietnam. Different name of spring rolls are cha nem, cha gio, plain nem and nem ran. Different recipes of shrimp, minced pork, crab, onion, rice vermicelli, edible fungus and bean sprout are filled in wrappers made from rice-paper. These dishes are mostly eaten deep-fried or sometime fresh. In few places of the Vietnam these dishes are served with a rice wrapper that is transparent, along with star fruit and green banana that are raw ingredients they are then dipped in rich sauce of peanut – every bite of this dish is more succulent as stated.

Vietnam does not only have delicious food, but they are masters in making drinks that can actually quench your thirst. The drink known as “Che” lies somewhere among snack and drink because it is made from green bean and taro flour – served with ice on top and fruit chunks, potato, sweet corn and colored jellies. In the hot weather of Vietnam “Che” gives a refreshing feeling and even fixes your sugar level. Local soft drinks are extraordinary sweet, but they are safe and cheap until and unless the bottle is tightly sealed. Fresh coconut, orange and lime juices also serve as the most effective thirst reducer.

In the social ceremonies of Vietnam, they have a tradition to present small cups of tea and green tea to visitors and guests. Generally, in most of the restaurants and hotels green tea is provided for free after every meal. Green tea serves as a digestive after meals. This shows the component of hospitality in the people of Vietnam.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to fill your tummy with delicious food and drinks.

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Posted on 20 Aug, 2015

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