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Opt for Visa on Arrival While Planning to Visit Vietnam 2017

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Opt for Visa on Arrival While Planning to Visit Vietnam 2017

Many international visitors consider Vietnam as one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. You can always choose Vietnam as your next holiday destination to explore the scenic beauty of the mostly agrarian country and experience the distinct culture of the region. You can even explore Vietnam along with a number of neighboring countries.

Visit Vietnam 2017

Visit Vietnam 2017

Based on the nature and duration of the trip, you have option to apply for either single entry point visa or multiple entry point visa. Likewise, you can apply for the visa to Vietnam either through the local Vietnamese embassy or an online visa processing service provider. But there are a number of reasons why many international visitors prefer visa on arrival to other forms of tourist visa.

The Right Way to Apply for Visa to Vietnam

Legally, there is no difference between visa on arrival and other forms of Vietnamese visa. Any international visitors traveling to Vietnam by air can apply for visa on arrival according to his trip. Like other tourist visas, visa on arrival is also valid for a period of 30 days. However, the visitors have option to extend the tourist visa after spending 30 days in the country.

There are a number of dedicated websites that help international tourists to obtain visa on arrival without making multiple trips to the local Vietnamese embassy and avoiding complex paper work. You can apply for the tourist visa online by submitting the required information through an online visa application form. Normally, the online form will require you to submit key personal data including name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport validity, arrival date, and mode of payment.

Based on the information submitted by you, the online visa service provider will get your visa application processed. Once your visa application is processed, the service provider will send you an approval letter in PDF format. You can obtain visa on arrival by submitting the approval letter along with 2 Standard Passport size photographs and depositing the required stamp free at any of the three international airports in Vietnam.

While planning to visit Vietnam in 2017, you have option to choose from several online visa services. But the quality of individual visa services differs. You need to pick an online Vietnam visa service provider based on the comments and feedback posted by other international visitors. Also, you need to check the accuracy of all personal information submitted through the website to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival. You can easily save both time and effort by applying for Vietnam visa on arrival through the right online visa service provider.

Posted on 17 Jan, 2017

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