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Mekong Delta’s Beauty and Culture captured vibrantly in Photography Festival

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Mekong Delta’s Beauty and Culture captured vibrantly in Photography Festival

One of Vietnam’s most scenic and beautiful places, Mekong Delta is known for its prospering agriculture and bustling local life. This region is always buzzing with farmers who are busy throughout the year in cultivation and these activities draw tourists to this place from across the world.

Recently a photography exhibition was conducted to showcase the life of locals in this region and the development process of Mekong Delta. This photography festival known as the Mekong Delta photography festival was opened in Chau Doc city, An Giang province in August and it displayed some truly amazing pictures.

The organizing board received more than 2000 photos clicked by 303 photographers who lived across 13 cities in the Mekong Delta. Out of these pictures, the committee carefully selected 230 works from 278 photographers and put them in the exhibition at Chau Doc’s photography center and at the Trung Nu Vuong Square in Long Xuyen city.

Interestingly, most of these pictures reflect the life and cultural diversity of the various ethnic communities living in the An Giang region but at the same time, other regions of Mekong Delta have been covered as well.

The key aspects reflected in these pictures are the development of this region after the industrialization phase and the modernization. The socio-economic-cultural achievements of Mekong Delta are subtly reflected through these pictures and it makes the pictures even more powerful.

In this exhibition, the photo by Lam Dien Trung from Tra Vinh won the gold prize. This photo depicts the advancement in the technology and the interference humans are having on the natural process.


Figure 1 Lam Dien’s gold prize-winning picture

Focusing on two scientists, this powerful picture takes the viewers inside a lab where the scientists are conducting an experiment and studying the natural processes to bring more efficiency and to boost productivity.

The gold medal in the black and white category was won by Nguyen Doan Ket from Kien Giang for capturing a fine moment in the everyday life of a farmer in the Mekong Delta. Bringing together several aesthetic aspects and a clear frame of symmetry, this picture creates a long-lasting impression of the life of a farmer.

The gold prize winner picture in black and white category

The gold prize winner picture in black and white category

The picture is clicked when a farmer is watering his field while moving in a boat. The sprinklers on both sides of the farmer create a perfect frame while the steady pose of the farmer is a sight to behold.

For capturing what could be termed as the perfect confluence of technology and tradition, Tran Vu Linh from Bac Lieu won the bronze medal in this exhibition.

The snow white and sky-reaching windmills in the background catch attention in this mesmerizing picture and reflect the penetration of technological advancement in this region. On the other hand, we can see the locals maintaining their fishing boats in the foreground which is the reflection of strong traditions that still engulf the Mekong Delta. The locals here still live a life governed by traditional aspects despite technology making giant strides.

Tran Vu Linh’s perfect reflection of meeting of technology and tradition

Tran Vu Linh’s perfect reflection of the meeting of technology and tradition 

The silver medal in the black and white category was bagged by Trieu Hon Vo from Soc Trang for this live action picture. This photo captures a women’s sports event hosted in this region during the night.

The silver prize winner in black and white category

The silver prize winner in black and white category

The highlight of this picture is the woman sportsperson who is in-between a ferocious kick which has lifted her in the air. Her frame and the tensed expressions of other players pour life into this picture while the three flood-lights glowing in the sky add an element of beauty.

The exhibition truly captured the essence of Mekong Delta and watching these pictures would surely entice more travelers to visit Vietnam. If you too are planning for a Vietnam tour then start preparing for your visa applications.

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Posted on 03 Sep, 2018

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