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Hai Van Gate is all set to become one of the Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

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Hai Van Gate is all set to become one of the Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

The Vietnamese government has been taking new initiatives at regular intervals to boost the country’s tourism industry. Vietnam allows UK passport holders to holiday in the country without visa till August 2021. Likewise, the country unveiled the golden bridge – the most attractive pedestrian bridge in the world – to mesmerize both local and international tourists. In June, the Vietnamese government started renovating the Hai Van Gate or Hai Van an with the intention to convert it into a major tourist attraction.

Hai Van Gate or Hai Van Quan

The Hai Van Gate or Hai Van Quan is located about 490 meters above the sea level in Central Vietnam. The monument further separates two provinces – Da Nang city and Thua Thien-Hue. The kings of the Nguyen dynasty constructed the Gate with the intention of the Hue imperial city. The monument was constructed in 1826 on the order issued by King Minh Mang. The excavation carried out at the site led to the unveiling of the layout of the old citadel walls, along with a section of the north-south route. Hence, the Hai Van Gate is both architectural and historical importance to the people of Vietnam.

But the site remains in serious disrepair due to lack of cooperation between Da Nang and Thua Thien-Hue provinces. In 2017, the Vietnamese government took a number of initiatives to restore the historical and architectural value of Hai Van Gate. They even honored Hai Van Gate by announcing it as a relic site. The Vietnamese government also started building the infrastructure required to make local and international tourists visit the relic site. The initiatives taken by the government is all set to make Hai Van Gate one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Hai Van Pass

A surge is noted in the number of tourists visiting Hai Van Gate since it was declared a heritage site. According to the data posted on various websites, tourists from Europe, China, and Korea visit Hai Van Gate while holidaying in Vietnam. The initiatives taken by the Vietnamese government will definitely persuade more international tourists to visit the relic site. The tourists will love the experience of getting a magnificent view of the mountain pass and Da Nang city while visiting Hai Van Gate.

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Posted on 16 Oct, 2018

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