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Exploring Vietnam: Everything you need to know about Visa Procedures in Vietnam

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Exploring Vietnam: Everything you need to know about Visa Procedures in Vietnam

Travelers all over the world are bitten by the wanderlust bug when they hear about Vietnam. Be it for the scenic splendor or the Vietnamese culture, given the opportunity, no one would like to miss out on the chance of availing to explore this beautiful country.


The most tedious part of visiting the countries and exploring the world is obtaining the visa. A lot of difficult criticalities come into play and there is no bigger mood buster to the process of planning an international trip than having everything in place, including tickets, hotel reservations and sightseeing packages but not having the visa, the official documentation availing the stay. Fret not, and read our crisp and summarized guide to availing a Vietnam visa.


Visa Exemption Norms in Vietnam

Every country has visa exemption norms in place including Vietnam. Following are the two types of visa exemption norms in Vietnam:

  1. The spouse and children of Vietnamese citizen can visit the country and stay temporarily for six months without a visa. However, certain documentation certifying the relationship to the Vietnamese citizen and a valid passport with the next, full year is required.
  2. In addition to the above, Vietnam also has unilateral and bilateral visa agreements in place with twenty-four countries. However, their duration of stay and terms and conditions of the documentation required may vary.


How to apply for Vietnam Visa Online

Vietnam Visa application process can be applied online on their website. However, citizen of forty-six countries are not eligible for the process. To obtain e-visa for Vietnam:

  1. Visit their website and upload the standardized documents as per their regulations
  2. Following the same, the department shares the electronic means for paying the visa fee.
  3. Once the visa fee has been paid, within three working days you will receive the response from the Entry and Exit Department of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam.
  4. They also provide a tracking ID for you to follow up on the process.


Application for visa at Vietnamese Embassies

International tourists are eligible to avail one to three-month long visas in Vietnam. A hard copy of the form along with the original passport, photos, original copies of identity documentation and the visa fees can be submitted both via post and in person. Following the process, if approved, the visa along with the original copy of the passport and ID documents can be collected from the embassy.


Visa on arrival in Vietnam

Availing a visa on the airport required an approval letter. To obtain this letter, you must initiate a request, fill out the forms and pay the fees electronically. This letter along with the original copy of the IDs and passport can be presented at the airport to avail the travel visa. Please note that this is subjected to the visa exemption policies and therefore, not every international citizen is allowed to avail visa on arrival. and its services

Obtaining a visa needs time, energy and planning. For those who need visa due to uncertain travel plans can easily get their visa in three steps on Vietnamvisa.


Vietnamvisa is an online platform that charges you nominally depending on your processing time and sends you the visa electronically. We also have attractive deals on multiple packages which come as an added means of saving if you are looking at multiple trips spaced throughout months or looking for visa for multiple people.

Our three-step application process does not require documents or passport scans either.

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Posted on 18 Dec, 2018

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