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5 Delicious Dishes You Must Try while Holidaying in Vietnam

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5 Delicious Dishes You Must Try while Holidaying in Vietnam

While holidaying in Vietnam, most tourists love to explore popular beaches, rivers and Buddhist pagodas. Many tourists even find it daunting to visit all popular tourist attractions in Vietnam within a short amount of time. But each tourist has a number of options to make his holiday in Vietnam more exciting and distinct. If you are exploring ways to make your upcoming vacation in Vietnam different, consider spending time in its bustling cities, indulge in Vietnamese food and beverages, and observe the culture and lifestyle of the local people. However, you must not forget to try some of the most popular Vietnamese dishes.

5 Delicious Dishes You Must Try in Vietnam


In addition to being considered as the national dish of Vietnam, pho is also a staple in Vietnamese meals. Pho is prepared by combining a light beef or chicken broth and flat rice noodles. But the broth is flavored with ginger, and the dish also contains spring onions along with silvers of beef, chicken, or pork. The Vietnamese people normally eat the noodle soup at breakfast. But you can eat pho anytime and without any restriction.


The popular seafood dish was believed to be devised in Hanoi. But you can eat cha ca nowadays without living in Hanoi. Cha ca is prepared by sautéing white fish in butter, and subsequently adding spring onions and dill. In most Vietnamese restaurants, cha ca is served with rice noodles.


The popular noodle dish is one of the most popular cuisines associated with Hanoi. Many local people make and eat mi quang as a simple bowl of meat noodles. But many establishments add a variety of ingredients including peanuts, shrimps, quail eggs, flavored oils and fresh sprigs of leave to make the meat noodles more delicious and appealing.


In comparison to other Vietnamese foods, my ga tan requires stronger and longer cooking method. Before preparing my ga tan, the cook will ask you to choose from both regular and black-bone silky variety of chickens. The cook will subsequently pack the chicken meat into an empty alcoholic drink can along with a variety of selected herb. He will further cool the dish on slow heat, and then add it to a broth along with ramen noodles. Finally, you will be served with a delicious and authentic noodle soup.


You will love the experience of picking from a variety of meats and seafood kebabs from a table, and then barbecuing them yourself with a small brazier. But none of the meats or seafood kebabs will be labeled. So you will lack the option to identify the meat or seafood you are going to barbecue. You have to taste the barbecued meat or seafood to realize its identify and delicacy.


You can always focus on some simple things to find time to explore the bustling cities and try delicious dishes in Vietnam. For instance, you can always obtain visa to Vietnam through a reliable agency to avoid visiting Vietnamese Embassy and undergoing boring paperwork. The agent will help you to obtain visa-on-arrival to Vietnam based on the information submitted by you in advance. The online visa processing service will make it easier for you to focus only on the places to see and things to do in Vietnam.

Posted on 21 Jul, 2016

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