New Vietnam Visa Application Fees for 2013

VietmaSvisa has decided to reduce the Application processing fees for tourist visas for the year 2013 in an attempt to return the budget to surplus. In a statement released by the Board of Directors on November 29th 2012, Vietnam Visa Application Processing Fees will be reduced by 30 percent with effect from the start of 2013.

The Directors Stated that reduction in Visa Application Processing Fees would attract more tourist and increase the competitiveness of Vietnam’s International travel. The director also stated that if you wish to bring your family to Vietnam the additional processing fee will also be reduced. These reductions to the fees will help bring Vietnam’s Visa Application fee structure inline with other comparable countries.
For the convenience of our clients, the Visa Application can be logged any time at our Visa Application Center. 

Service fee: The applicants are required to pay the service fee at the time of submitting the application to get the approval letter whether they are applying for Normal Visa Services ( 2 days for processing the application) Urgent Visa Service ( 8 hours processing time) or Super Urgent Visa Service (4 hours processing time).

Stamping fee: The applicants are required to pay the Visa Stamping fee to the Immigration authorities at the time of Entering Vietnam in the form of cash. The approval letter sent to you will serve as the legal evidence that you are permitted to enter the country by the Immigration Department.

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